Getting Around in Dahab

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Dahab transportation facilities have improved considerably in the last decade. Dahab is located along the Gulf of Aqaba, along the southern half of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Dahab was a distant village for a long time, periodically visited by tourists who were vacationing in Cairo. Now, Dahab has evolved into one of Egypt’s most heavily-toured destinations.

Transportation Options

The overall infrastructure and traveling facilities in Dahab are good. Visitors can bank upon finding a seat in the local buses and taxis. A nice way to travel is using the shared taxis that are popular among the natives and a serious money-saver. The shared taxis are more like mini-buses and form the cheapest mode of getting around in Dahab. Local transport services, including the buses, run as per the schedule. Buses are easily available for traveling to distant towns like Eilat, Luxor, Hurghada and Taba for day-long excursions. Visitors can use rental bicycles too, but the overall condition of most rental bicycles isn't very encouraging.

Transportation Tips

The city of Dahab isn't very big—just about 7 km in length and it is best explored on-foot. The soothing winds from the beach ensure that visitors don’t find the walking demanding. The presence of numerous cafes along the beachside ensures that the energy-reserves can be maintained. An easy way to explore all the major touring sites while walking is to follow the string of promenades that grow along the seafront. Those who arrive in Dahab via road should be careful about the connecting jeep-rides that are available at the Dahab bus station. These jeep-rides can be very costly, and they don’t follow a rental schedule. It is much better to seek a local bus from here to enter the main part of the city.

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