Eating Out in Dahab

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Dahab represents a culmination of many cultures, and due to such cross-cultural influences, Dahab Restaurants present a vast range of culinary choices. Some of the more recommended, Dahab restaurants have been listed below.

Visitors who seek budgeted, eating-out options with the semblance of a restaurant-like ambience, can visit the following:

Jumas Bidar Bedouin Dinner

This is an excellent place to eat traditional, Bedouin food. The meals are prepared over an open flame. Visitors can also chat with the chefs and get a first-hand account of how the unique, native flavoring is done. Many of the preparations here are based on the culinary styles of the native, Muziena tribe. The food is always fresh and the prices are unbelievably, affordable.


Located along the small streets around Tota, Rush is a small eatery with a big reputation. It has often been quoted among the eating guides of Egypt for its authentic cuisine. This is among the more affordable of Dahab restaurants. Along with the local specialties, visitors can try-out the fusion cuisine.


People who are ready to experiment a bit with international cuisines should come here. Please understand that this is essentially a specialty restaurant serving Indian food. However, the food and the flavors can be best described as ‘fusion cuisine’. Visitors can order from a range of spicy curries and vegetarian preparations, along with sipping many kinds of herbal, Indian teas.

Visitors who seek a more upmarket eating experience in Dahab can visit any of the following establishments:

Blue Beach Restaurant

This restaurant is a part of the Blue Beach Hotel. The hotel is located along the beachfront and hence, the diners have an excellent view. The menu combines the most popular items from north-African cuisine and some European preparations.

Buddha Restaurant

The environment here is relaxed and the ambiance exudes a certain, lounge-like quality. This place is often frequented by foreign visitors. The Buddha is very popular for its fresh, seafood offerings. This is among the most sought-after of restaurants in the entire, Lighthouse area. Visitors can seek discounted packages for group bookings. Making appointments when visiting during the late, evening hours is seriously recommended.

El Dorado

This is a popular, specialty restaurant, located by the beachside. It is famous for its Italian cuisines. This restaurant is favored by expats who come down to Dahab for short vacations. The pizzas of Dorado are popular among the locals too.

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Ali Baba Restaurant

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Ali Baba Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Dahab.

Ali Baba Restaurant has professional staff, to make the service fast and good. The staff will help you chose from different kinds of food. They also joined professional training in serving people and safety to keep you comfortable and healthy. Ali Baba's staff has magical treasure smile and genuine interest in all customers.

“Rich in Taste” - one of  principles.

Ali Baba's restaurant has various kinds of food .You have the ability more..

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accessibility:for all
address:Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
PriceOfMenu:10-50 $

"The Kitchen" Restaurant

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The Kitchen Restaurant is located in the heart of Dahab, offering some of the most impressive sea and mountain views our beautiful town has to offer. It is arranged over 3 floors, the ground floor is designated non smoking, while as the 2 upper floors are semi and entirely open air, smoking is permitted.

Whether you’d like to eat inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, in a smoking area, or non smoking, in the air conditioned area, out in the sea breeze, you’d like your food to takeaway or to be delivered, you can be sure your needs will be more..

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address:Egypt, South Sinai, Dahab, Masbat
PriceOfMenu:15-30 $
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