Cruises in Dahab

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If desert safaris, tombs and pyramids are not your thing, Dahab cruises are probably the best way to spend time in this beautiful diving town. Cruises here range from day boat trips to week long luxury trips that explore the surrounding areas.

Day Cruise

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time out on the waters, a day cruise is the best choice. Most operators start their day cruises by about 9:00 in the morning. The boats usually make their way to some of the most popular diving or fishing spots. Tourists can choose how they want to spend their day on this day cruise. For instance, they can choose between snorkeling, fishing and diving. Lunch is served on the boat and the boat comes back to Dahab by evening.  Rates for day cruises are approximately $60 per person.

Tiran Island Cruise

Tourists looking to spend an entire day basking in the sun on an extremely beautiful island must opt for the Tiran Island Cruise. Here they can spend a whole day on a protected island with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The cruise leaves at about 7 a.m. and tourists can swim or snorkel in the blue waters and colorful coral reefs around the island. The cruise provides mineral water, drinks and lunch on the boat. Rates for this cruise are about $115, but these change, so tourists should find out the correct rate first.

Lake Nasser Nile Cruise

For those who want to spend more time on a cruise, opting for the Lake Nasser Nile Cruise is a good idea. This is an eight-day cruise which will take you from Dahab to Aswan first. The next three days are spent cruising Lake Nasser and important places along the lake. The fifth day the cruise takes you to Abu Simbel and on the sixth day the cruise makes it way back to Aswan. Some of the sights you get to see on this cruise include the Temple of Philae, Elephanitne Island, Castle Ibrim, Aga Khan Mausoleum and the High Dam. Rates for this cruise are about $2500 per person. You must check the current rates before booking the cruise.

Neilo Nile Cruise

Another popular cruise that tourists can choose if they want to see more of Egypt’s beauty is the Neilo Nile Cruise. This cruise includes a flight to Cairo on the first day, after which tourists will be taken to Luxor, Esna, Eduf, Aswan and Lake Nasser before making their way back to Cairo. Tourists will get a chance to visit some of the best sights in Egypt including Saladin’s Citadel, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Horus, Kitchener’s Island, Temple of Abu Simbel and Temple of Derr. The entire cruise includes an English speaking guide and rates for the cruise are approximately $2000.

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