Bars and Cafes in Dahab

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There are many unique places that you will find in Dahab Egypt that you can enjoy and the Dahab bars and cafes provide a variety of different menus and fun that you can have in the city.

The Penguin Café

The Penguin Café is located in the main square of promenade beach. It is part of the diving center and hotel and allows you to enjoy the beach area while offering many items that are available including drinks and many fish dishes to enjoy. The pricing is affordable at the café and you can find a number of items on the bar menu to enjoy.

The Jasmine Cafe

The Jasmine café is one of the best places in the area to get pizza. It offers its own unique items to choose from on the menu including seafood dishes that are affordable and interesting to try. The Jasmine café is located at the end of Assalah from Dahab and is also near the sea so you can also get a table by the water to relax and enjoy the sea views.

The Dahab Beachfront

You can find that the seafood at the beachfront is some of the best in the area and you can enjoy large portions of the dishes that are served. There are also drinks available and you can sample some of the unique items that are local. You can also enjoy the views from the café and near the beach to relax and enjoy being outside and the many attractions near the café make it a great place to stop and enjoy your meal.

Ali Baba Restaurant

The Ali Baba restaurant is a great place to stop when you are looking for Dahab bars and cafes. This café has large portions of food, and the food is a masterpiece of the cooks that prepare them made with local produce and seafood. There are also a number of items that you can try and sample and though it is a little more expensive, the food and drinks are great to sample.

The Shark Café

The Shark Café is one of the Dahab bars and cafes that offers a great place to relax at night by the sea. You can enjoy the drinks that are available at the café, and the atmosphere is truly something to enjoy and relax by the sea as you sit and enjoy your drinks and the many items that are also available on the menu to sample. They have local cuisine to try.

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