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accommodation in cairo

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Cairo is a heaping metropolis with well over 20 million inhabitants in the urban and rural areas. Staying in a centrally located hotel is Cairo makes for easy trips to all that Cairo has to offer. For any accommodation in Cairo, it’s best to book your bed a least a few days or a week or two in advance during the high winter season.


For the shoestring backpacker, hostels are most certainly the way to go. The difference in Cairo between a 50EGP a night hostel and a 500EGP a night hotel room are negligible conveniences. With perhaps one of the best locations in all of Cairo, Hostel Brothers (34 Talaat Harb St, Yacoubian Building 4th Floor, Cairo) offers dorms beds in air conditioned rooms for as little as 50EGP. Hostel Brothers has full service showers and bathrooms and it's newly renovated decor almost feels like you're staying in a 4 star hotel. Hostel Brothers is run by two brothers, one of which is on duty at all times; they also run cheap tours to the Pyramids and Coptic Cairo from the hostel. Located in downtown Cairo, Hostel Brothers is within a few minutes walk from all the shops, sights and sounds that only downtown Cairo can offer.

Another great backpacker spot is Canadian Hostel (5, Talaat Harb St. Down-Town, 11111, Cairo) with beds for as little as 45EGP; easily spotted from the street by its large Canadian flag sign. Canadian Hostel is located a few minutes walk from the Egyptian Museum, as well as a Pizza Hut. Canadian Hostel also offers a lounge room with cable TV and Cairo event postings.

Another bonus of staying in a hostel in Cairo is the fantastic people you'll meet. It's easy to save money on tours of the pyramids by grouping up with other hostel goers and getting a bulk price on tours run from the hostels.


If you’re looking for a posh hotel to stay, look no further than the Ramses Hilton (1115 Corniche El Nile, Cairo, Egypt 12344), located across the Nile from the Egyptian Museum. The Ramses Hilton offers reasonable rates in U.S. Dollars as well as a bar, restaurants, and shopping. Enjoy all the comforts of home from your suite while taking in the views of the Nile river and the sprawling Cairo city blocks.

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