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Excavation at Buto

Excavation at Buto


Buto (the greek name of Per-Wadjet)  is an important archaeological site in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate in the Nile delta, about 95 km SE from Alexandria and 35 km NW of Kafr el-Sheikh. The site consists of three mounds, covering two cities and a temple complex. The older remains show that Buto was inhabited for at least 500 years during the Predynastic time, which ended 3100 BC, and it seems then to have been the capital of northern Egypt. Later, Buto did not have a big influence as such but seems to have been kept in living memory as the site of an old capital. It remained a religious centre as described by Herodotos. The site was occupied still during Roman times.

Buto is a large site but only partly open  to the public. The number of tourists is small, since the visible remains are not spectacular and the site is off the route for most tourists.


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