When to Go in Aswan

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For visitors who are wondering if their Aswan When to Go apprehensions can be resolved, there is really nothing much to worry about. Aswan’s climatic conditions are typically Egyptian in nature, i.e. they are dry for most part of the day. There are rarely any months in Aswan that witness temperature extremes. Further, the rainfall is very rare and never so severe that it can derail a visitor’s travel plan.

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On average, Aswan receives nearly seven-to-eight hours of daily sunlight. On some days, it might get a bit cloudy but rainfall is seldom seen. However, during the summer months, the sunshine can account for 12 hours in a day. Summer temperatures in Aswan average around the 40°C-mark for most days. In fact, the summer months are so hot that the shops tend to remain closed until the midday prayers. Further, there are no clear winter months or any other seasonal variations in Aswan’s climatic patterns. Only the stretch from October to May is a bit cooler than the rest of the year. During this time, the temperatures average around the 23-degree mark. This is perhaps the best time to visit Aswan. All other months are regarded as summer months. Visiting during the March-to-May period presents another problem—severe dust-storms, called "khamsin" that are known to scorch the skin with their intensity.

Aswan When to Go Tips

Yes, heat is a permanent feature of Aswan and this applies to all north-African nations. The heat is seldom accompanied by humidity, making it bearable since the sweat tends to dry-up rather quickly. This essentially means that on the sunniest of days too, Aswan is accessible as long as the simple, sun-protection gear is used. This means carrying bottled water at all times and using sunscreen, sun-protection eyewear and wearing loose clothing.

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