Things to Do in Aswan

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Aswan, Egypt was called the gateway into Africa in the ancient world. It is the third largest city in Egypt, and the biggest in Upper Egypt. It is also one of the desired places for tourists to visit. Aswan things to do include many ancient and modern attractions. The city is located in the south of Egypt on the Nile.

Philae Temple

Philae Temple was located on Philae Island but was later moved to Agilka Island when the High Dam was built to regulate the Nile. The Temple was thought have been built between 380 and 362 BCE as temple for Isis. The temple has been maintained through the centuries and maintains the original artwork. Visitors can get feel the ancient world was they walk through the grounds of the template. There is a light show in the temple where guides tell the story of Philae and Aswan from the times of the Pharaohs to Nubian Kingdom today.

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam was built in 1955 to help keep the Nile from overflowing into Aswan and other local cities. The dam is 11,811 feet long, 3215 feet wide and 364 feet high. The dam also provides electricity and water to the entire country.

Kalabsha Temple

Kalabsha Temple is another ancient temple built in Aswan area. It was relocated in the 1970s to protect the template from flooding. The temple was originally built by the ancient Romans for the god Mandulis. As time has progress the temple was converted to Nubian gods and eventually a church.  The visitors will find a combination of influences with looking at the template. When entering the temple, they will see images of Mandulis, a Christian prayer chapel and Ptolemaic artwork. 

Aga Khan Mausoleum

Aswan is the burial place of Aga Khan, a former president of the League of Nations. He was also the leader of Shi’a Ismail Muslim group of Egypt. The imam was knighted by Queen Victoria for working to improve the lives of Egyptians. His final burial place made of pink granite and has a view of the Nile. Visitors can also visit the villa of the late Imam.

Aswan has many sites for tourists to visit. Patrons can tour the ancient temples and walk along the majestic Nile and absorb Egyptian culture. The city is a reflection of Egypt and all its wonders. 

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