Nightlife and Entertainment in Aswan

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Aswan is an enchanting winter tourist destination, situated about 60 kilometers from Luxor in southern part of Egypt. Even though Aswan nightlife is not as pulsating or lively as in the case of other Egyptian cities including Cairo and Luxor, Aswan offers a couple of decent options if you want to unwind after a day of exploring such attractions as the High Dam, the Northern Quarries, and Sehel Island.

Night Shows

As the sun goes down, Aswan becomes lively with its intriguing night shows, which are mostly based on interesting folklores. If you are a history buff or a person keen to know about the art and culture of the place, then you should not miss it.

On the other hand, if you want to spend your evening amid spectacular lights, then head to the stunning Philae temple complex to become part of its Sound and Light Show that is accompanied by dramatic lighting, excellent multimedia presentations, and narration, all of which throw light into the astounding legends of Osiris – the Lord of Dead, and his much-loved wife, Isis.

For music lovers, Aswan presents a feast of options, with regular music performances at venues like Ferial Gardens. If you are fortunate enough, you may sometimes get opportunity to witness incredible shows of famous Nubian stars such as Khitr al-Atar and Hassan Jazuli. Above all, Nubian tahtib, or stick dancing, is an inevitable segment of most of the night shows in Aswan.

Bar and Hotel

Majority of hotels, bars, and restaurants in the city offer numerous options to enliven your evening through conducting live  Nubian performances. If you want to sip your favorite drink while enjoying the views of the city including the River Nile, then visit The Tower Bar, housed within the Aswan Oberoi Hotel. Similarly, if you want to dance to the beat of western or Nubian music, New Cataract Hotel’s night club would be a perfect option. Also, a great choice to enjoy your evening and night in a lively way is to step into Isis Hotel, which offers night disco.

Night Cruises

Do you want to be away from the hectic city? Then no other options would be better than cruising along the calm, gleaming River Nile overnight. A three-day night cruise on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor would enable you to enjoy the beauty of place in a very special way and to take back home some memorable, sweet memories.

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