Getting Around in Aswan

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Aswan Transportation facilities are quite comprehensive, making it easier for visitors to explore the natural wonders of Aswan. Being a major historical site, Aswan has been a heavily-toured city for many years. Visitors to Aswan have many transportation options to choose from and the most preferred ones have been listed below:

Using Public Transportation System

The public commuting facilities are the lifeline of Aswan. They are used by the local population and by visitors since renting cars can be costly. However, the schedule of the public vehicles can be a bit unsystematic. Hence, it is recommended that the timetables are checked from the Tourist Office that is located near Aswan’s central, railway station or at any of the Tourist Souks. This includes state-run buses and trains that connect to nearly every important, nearby city.

Using Taxis

Taxis are recommended for visiting the historical sites, in and around Aswan. Since most of the tourist spots are very popular, the fares for each spot are usually fixed. However, visitors can also demand to pay in the form of metered fare.

Using Motorboats

Some of the must-visit sights are located on the other side of the West Bank. For this, renting a motorboat is recommended. The fares are cheap and they can be further negotiated for a group. The other option is to pay for a felluca—a local version of a small boat.

Using Car Rentals

Visitors can also rent a car for a day or more. However, the traffic conditions can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. The rates can vary immensely depending upon the kind of ride that a person chooses. Along with this, visitors need to submit their driver’s license and a security amount.

Aswan Getting around Tips: Traveling on Foot

Along with using the cabs for accessing the main destinations in Aswan, visitors can cover a lot of distance, on foot. Most of the streets are well-connected. Further, there are many short-cuts that help to bypass longer distances and the locals willingly help with the directions.

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