Festivals in Aswan

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Many kinds of Aswan Festivals are celebrated. This includes traditional, Islamic festivals that are celebrated across Egypt and those that are endemic to Aswan. Celebrations like Islamic New Year or Ras as-Sana and Ramadan are prominent, Islamic festivals celebrated across all Muslim nations, including Egypt. However, some unique, Aswan festivals epitomize the vibrancy and cultural spirit of this Egyptian city. Further, Aswan festivals are popular for promoting intellectualism as a part of the celebrations. Two of the most well-known of such Aswan Festivals are:

1. Miracle of Sun Festival

This multicultural celebration aims to unite people of all faiths. The festival owes it origin to the time of the Pharaohs. The festival celebrates King Ramses who is largely regarded as the most sacred of all Egyptian rulers. This festival is celebrated across two nights. The emphasis is on educating people about the cultural riches of Egypt. People congregate at the historic sites of Aswan and indulge in traditional song and dance routines. This festival is actually a part of the two festivals that are celebrated to celebrate the ascension of Ramses. While the Miracle of Sun is celebrated in February, the other is celebrated in October. These festivals are also celebrated in Luxor, parts of Cairo and some towns along the West Bank but Aswan is the central location for hosting the festivities.

2. International Symposium of Sculpture

This festival has emerged as the most popular of cultural celebrations across the north-African continent. It manages to attract thousands of foreign visitors every year. This festival is more than a decade old. It aims to unite various opinions about global history and the related sculpture forms that are native to each. The celebrations are arranged in the local, open-air museum.

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