Eating Out in Aswan

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Aswan Restaurants, Nubian Style!

Aswan restaurants are quite few in this southern Egyptian city. The city is known as the driest inhabited city on earth. As of April of 2010, the last known rainfall was on May 13, 2006 and that being just a thunderstorm. This quaint city does not bother to have roofs on all of the rooms inside their houses. Here is a glimpse of the key restaurant in the city.

Nubian House Restaurant

The Nubian House Restaurant is the best place to be at sunset. The view atop the Aswan Hill is really spectacular, overlooking Elephantine Island and the blue waters dotted by white sails. You can relish your meal al fresco on wooden benches situated under a vast and shady terrace of the restaurant. The restaurant offers a buffet from 4 to 6 p.m. One of the house’s specialties is hibiscus tea, served hot or cold depending on your preference, offered for just a dollar. A Nubian meal for two persons at this restaurant would cost $10. There are times when Nubian music is also played in the restaurant to accompany your Nubian meal.

Getting There

The Nubian House Restaurant is located on Eassa Island, just off Sharia Abtal at-Tahrir, East Bank. To get to this place just follow the street past the Nubia Museum for approximately 1 km or a 15-minute walk away.  Turn right past the development of upmarket housing and the place is nearby. If you are going to the place in the evening, better ride in a taxi.

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Anakato Restaurant

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Anakato restaurant located on Gharb sohil Nubian village ,which is located north the old dam , 15 minutes with by boat from down town and 10 minute with Taxi . Anakato offer you the exclusive atmospheric which let you take your meal on Nile view with Nubian tone ( Zafa , 3ood & a lot of Nubian events ) . As we offer you special items of food all offer on pottery ( local and Nubian food ) .

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accessibility:15 Min. from down town
tel:+2 0122 788 90 34
address:Gharb sholi
PriceOfMenu:Start from LE 40
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