Beaches in Aswan

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Aswan, Egypt, has been called the gateway into Africa in the ancient world. Aswan Beaches are located on inland lakes that have been formed from the High Dam in Aswan. The Nile is the water source that feeds into the Lake Nasser.

Nobian Beach

Nobian Beach is located by the Nile just outside of Aswan. The beach is famous for being located near a group of Nubian villages. There are also a number of resorts by this area that offer cabanas for visitors. A tourist can start the day off by watching the Nubian fisherman getting their catch from the Nile. The fishermen sell their catch to the local restaurants. The restaurants specialize in fresh seafood at cheap places. Tourists can enjoy a view of the beach while dining on local specialties.

Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser, also known as Lake Nubia, is located between Aswan and the Sudan and has white sand beaches. The area is popular for tourists because of sport fishing. The main attraction of Nassar beaches are the Nile perch. The Nile perch is a freshwater fish that lives in Lake Nasser. People visiting the beach often take a boat trip through to the lake to fish for perch. The perch measure between 121 and 137 cm and weigh up to 440 pounds. The local fishermen sell the perch to the restaurants up north. Tourists looking for an adventure can take a ferry from Aswan down the Nile into Nasser.

West Bank of Nile

The West Bank of the Nile stretches down from the city of Luxor to Aswan. The area is completely filled with white sand beaches. Visitors to area can enjoy this stretch of beach while on a Nile hotel barge. The barge docks at various points on the beach so the visitor can visit different parts of the area. For instance, the upper part is by the Valley of Kings. In addition to visiting the Pharaoh tombs visitors can wade in the river. Going farther down the river there are more traditional beaches. People swim and sail the river. On the barge visitors can see the ports along the beach. Sport fishing is also big in this part of the world.  The Nile is exciting for people all ages and nationalities.

Traveling to Aswan and its beaches is exotic experience that people will always remember. Being the gateway into Africa, tourists will love the clear water and white sand beaches.

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