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Visit the Terrace Bar at the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan

Walking around the streets of the city, you will see many wonderful little Aswan bars and cafes. However, if you want to go somewhere special, you should definitely visit the Terrace Bar at the Old Cataract Hotel on Abtal El Tahrir Street in Aswan. Old Cataract is actually the old name of the hotel, but everyone around still calls it that. The hotel is now called the Sofitel Legend, and it is truly a legend, boasting of celebrities like Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Agha Khan and Lady Diana as its past guests.

The Bar

The Terrace Bar, as it is obvious from its name, is located on the terrace of the hotel. It offers a spectacular view of the nearby Elephantine Island. The view is especially remarkable at night, when all the buildings on the island are lit up. The Terrace Bar is decorated in an old colonial style, with cozy lounges and small tables. In addition, oriental-themed carpets hang from the ceiling. Don’t forget to dress up well before going to the bar, otherwise the guards at the entrance of the hotel may not let you in.

The Menu

The Terrace Bar is an excellent place to try some fine cocktails and drinks. They also prepare one of the best English teas in Aswan and serve the popular local Hibiscus Tea. Various plates of little sandwiches and pastries are available to complement the ordered drinks.

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