When to Go in Alexandria

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If you're planning a trip to Alexandria, when to go will likely be on your mind. For travel to Alexandria, when to go should include consideration of several factors: weather, peak travel time and the culture. Here's a look at each and what you can expect so that when you take your trip to Egypt you'll be happy about your time choice.


  • Winter in Alexandria lasts from November through April and is very mild. Temperatures usually hover around 20 to 22 degrees C, with drops to around 10 degrees C at night. Bring plenty of layers so that you're prepared for both the warmer days and the cooler evenings.
  • Summer is from May through October and is much warmer, with temperatures usually between 30 and 32 degrees C during the day, again with cooler nights. The drop in temperature at night isn't as drastic in the summer, but you'll probably still want a light jacket or scarf just in case. It can get humid, but sea breezes keep the days cool and bearable.

Peak Travel Time

  • Tourists flock to Egypt and Alexandria between December and March, with November to February being the peak travel times. Book flights and hotels early, and keep in mind that costs will be higher.
  • Locals from other areas of Egypt arrive on the doorstep of Alexandria in the hotter summer months of July and August, as the days are usually much cooler by the sea than in other areas of Egypt. Prices at this time are still cheaper for tourists, but be aware that shops, restaurants and transportation can become congested.


  • Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (usually August, occasionally including several days or weeks in July or September). If you're visiting Alexandria, and when to go is a consideration, keep in mind that during Ramadan most establishments are closed until nightfall.
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