Top 5 Must Do's in Alexandria

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Alexandria must do's include a wide range of interests, and will appeal to lovers of history, archaeology, nature, and more. Whether you're 5 or 85, with friends or with your family, you'll want to see the best that Alexandria has to offer. Here's a look at the top 5 Alexandria must do's, all of which make excellent additions to your trip itinerary.

1. The Library of Alexandria

While the world still mourns and speculates over the loss of the Great Library of Alexandria of ancient times, you can still visit the new Library of Alexandria. First, roam around the outside of the building to take a look at the sundial that only tells the time when you stand on a stone and allow your own shadow to be the time-keeper. You can also search for your native tongue carved into the walls of the library. The library itself contains several specialized libraries, four museums, a planetarium, and numerous exhibitions and research centers. 

2. The Citadel of Qaitbey

Visit the fort of Alexandria for a peak into history that goes far beyond the 1480's, when the fort itself was built. Fort Qaitbey was built on the site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the wonders of the ancient world. See if you can spot remains of the lighthouse in the structure of the fort. You can head inside to see the Naval Museum, or, if you're interested in the marine life, visit the aquarium built next door.

3. Beaches in Alexandria

Nature lovers are sure to enjoy Alexandria's location along the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Wonder down to the beach just before sunset to enjoy absolutely incredible views as the coast quickly blazes before slowly descending into soft pinks and purples. You can watch the fishermen from the sea wall, join the kids in a game of soccer in the sand, or just relax and perhaps wade in the water. The beaches in Alexandria are the perfect way to end the day's activities before enjoying a delicious meal in the city. 

4. The Roman Theater

The open-air museum situated around the Roman Theater includes ancient artifacts from around Alexandria, including pieces that were once a part of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. There are also several sphinxes and statues of various pharaohs of Egypt. The theater itself is still impressive, with its key focal point being the stone situated in the center where you can stand, speak in the softest of whispers, and hear your voice amplified to a shout that can be heard throughout the stadium.

5. Diving in Alexandria

While it's great to see the artifacts that have been recovered in Alexandria, why not take advantage of the opportunity to see many of them still in situ? Book a diving trip to explore the Mediterranean sea around the city, including the sight of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. You'll see remnants of the lighthouse itself, Roman columns, sphinxes, Cleopatra's city, and more. It's an incredible experience that ranks high in Alexandria must do's.

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