Practical Information in Alexandria

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Alexandria practical information will help you get on your way when traveling through Egypt. Here's a quick look at common Alexandria practical information, including emergency numbers and general statistics. Hopefully with careful planning and useful tips, you'll have a safe and fun trip to Alexandria.

Formal Name: Alexandria

Country: Egypt

Language: Arabic (English widely spoken in tourist areas)

Size: 2,679 square km

Population: Over 4.1 million people

Population Density: Roughly 1,550 people per square km

Voltage: 220 V; 50 Hz

Outlets: Two round pins

Visas: Available upon arrival. Most visitors to Alexandria can purchase an Egyptian visa at the airport for just 15 USD. The visa is good for 30 days of travel, providing you have a valid passport.

Country Code: +20

Area Code: 3

Currency: Egyptian Pound

Banking: Banks and ATM's are readily available in Alexandria. Try to get change your larger bills from the ATM into smaller bills at the bank whenever possible. Also, use large bills at bigger establishments and keep change for smaller shops and restaurants and for tips. Major credit cards and traveler's cheques, and sometimes U.S. dollars, are also acceptable at many larger shops, restaurants and hotels.

Airport: Borg al Arab Airport is located approximately 25 km from Alexandria. Alexandria International Airport has been closed to commercial flights.

Time Zone: EST (UTC + 2); No daylight saving time

Emergency Number (Ambulance): 123

Emergency Police Number: 122

Emergency Tourist Police Number: 126

Emergency Number (Fire): 180

Embassies: There are many foreign embassies located within Alexandria. Check to see if yours is located in Alexandria or in Cairo.

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