Getting Around in Alexandria

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Alexandria transportation is plentiful and for the most part very affordable. Whether you're traveling on a budget or with more luxury in mind, you'll find a form of Alexandria transportation that will suit both your wallet and your style. The main ways of getting around the city include taxi, tram, bus and limousine.


As you enter the city you're sure to notice the plethora of black and yellow cabs on the streets. When getting a cab, check first to see if they use meters. Many taxis don't have meters, but if you spot a meter in the cab then you can try to press the issue. However, most drivers prefer to use an agreed upon fare. The best thing to do is ask a local about the usual fare between places, and expect a bit of inflation for foreigners. Always agree on the fare before getting in the taxi. Drivers are friendly, but you'll occasionally find that they try to get you stop at the shops of friends and relatives.


One of the oldest tram systems in the world runs in Alexandria. Transportation by tram is cheap and cheerful, with two lines running across the city. The blue line offers the middle car as women only, and the yellow line offers the first car as women only. Trips usually cost 25 piastres. The tram is reliable and less crowded than buses (though not always).


Buses in Alexandria are also cheap, but are usually packed full of locals. Buses stop at more locations, including more remote areas of the city. Be sure to watch your bags on any mode of public transportation.


For those who favor luxury over price, you can hire a limousine to take you on a guided tour around the city. You'll get the benefit of a private car without haggling over prices. But be warned that the drivers are just as aggressive as taxi drivers when it comes to negotiating the roads.

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