Festivals in Alexandria

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Many Alexandria festivals are religious. They have several festivals and celebrations that exhibit their strong belief in the God they worship. Aside from these religious festivals, they also have other festivals which include public holidays and other celebrations which display their colorful culture and traditions.

You Belong, Alexandria

Alexandria's of the World Festival is a unique celebration. All the places in the world with the name Alexandria join in this event. Alexandria, Egypt unites with them in celebrating this festival somewhere in the middle of October. There are more than 40 cities in the world named Alexandria that join in this occasion. Being part of this event, Alexandria, Egypt conducts various events that take place during the four-day celebration.  

Internationally Acclaimed festival

Alexandria Film Festival is the most popular festival in Alexandria that has attracted international audience since 1979. This is an annual festival that happens in the month of September through the efforts of the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics. The objectives of this festival are to widen the knowledge and understanding of the filmmakers in film culture and to make their relationship stronger. All the famous people from the local and international film industry come together to do their part this event. There is an international film screening during this festival where they interact and learn from each other. The focus is on Mediterranean productions. However, international productions are also welcome in this wonderful festival.

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