Maskali and moucha islands Travel Guide

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Moucha Island - Diving Center & Accomodation - October 2006

Moucha Island - Diving Center & Accomodation - October 2006

Denis Pagnac

Maskali and Mocha are beautiful and diminutive coral islands located in Djibouti. Here's some information on the characteristics, attractions and accommodation options in these charming twin islands.


Moucha and Maskali islands are located off the Djibouti coast at about 35 kilometers from the main Djiboutian Port. The destination offers fabulous diving opportunities and spectacular coral reef spotting. Moucha and Maskali are virtually untouched locations that have yet to figure on the list of popular tourist destinations in the region, however once the place is discovered there will be no way to escape the frantic tourist rush that will take over its beautiful shores. The islands are best seen as a day trip from Djibouti harbor by a traditional wooden boat. Excellent beach picnic facilities and lovely fresh water along with colorful aquatic flora and fauna.


The island has nothing but beaches and more beaches that elegantly line up to form Djibouti’s coastal crown. Visitors can indulge in thrilling water sports and diving activities in the prefect waters of the dual islands. Head to the region for some super exciting swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing sessions. The multi-colored coral reefs are a magnificent sight to behold. You can even spot a bevy of sharks like Hammer Sharks and Manta Rays from the coasts of the island. Be sure to bring plenty of water, sun-tan lotion and highly protective sun-glasses.


The best accommodation option in Moucha and Maskali is getting your own the sleeping bag and army sack on the beaches. The smartest way to enjoy the island’s beauty is to sleep under its scintillating moonlit surface. There are a few island villas that are priced slightly on the higher side but they are guaranteed to kill the charm of camping on the beach. There are also a few resorts and bed and breakfast options on the eastern coast of the island but they don’t exactly offer the most delectable cuisine or modern amenities. It is best to get your own amenities and have a nice roasted meal on the beach.

Maskali and Mucha offer a true island adventure with fantastic water sports and abundant beach picnic opportunities.  




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