Before setting off, you might want to check the illnesses described below that occur here. The information is from the CDC and should be pretty accurate, but if you really think you have something, go see a doctor. If you're not sure where to find good medical attention, check with a the nearest international hotel, they are usually in the know (though the facilities they refer to might charge you a little bit more)

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Hi John,Yeah, parting with some of my stuff is a ltlite difficult; I could put more of it into storage, but don't feel it's worth it for most furniture and appliances when I can buy that stuff again when I come back and set up house somewhere. I am just a college student though, so really haven't acquired a whole lot. I will be most sad to part with my dear cat.I didn't apply for a job through KRS, so can't answer questions about that very well. I'm working with a weather company that has a contract through the army, and since I used to work for the company (internship a couple years ago), I didn't have to go through a full application process. They knew me, knew I was looking for a job, and pretty much just offered me the job. It was a huge blessing. I thought about the job for a couple weeks, but already knew people who had worked at this position on the island and enjoyed it. So after some more information gathering, it didn't take long to make my decision and sign a contract.While I can't discuss the actual salary, I will say the starting pay is about as much or even a ltlite more than I would expect to make starting my career as a meteorologist in the states, especially considering the perks. One of the perks is that everyone on the island receives free housing and a free meal card to eat in the dining hall. The housing for unaccompanied status is similar to that of a small studio, dorm, or hotel room, from what I've heard: a furnished bedroom (bed, desk, kitchenette, etc.) and private bathroom. If I was living in the states, I'd be paying rent with a fair amount of my salary.Other benefits for my job anyway are pretty comprehensive, including health/dental/vision/life insurance, disability, 401K, etc. It's good to know that they take care of their employees, especially when embarking on a journey to a small island in the middle of the ocean. I'm sure I'll be able to answer more questions when I'm there in just under 2 months. Feel free to email me as well, at Rebekah

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As a physician in Belize and had Dengue myself.  Ibuprofen works well for the fever and aches, and, in my opinion, is not a risk for hemmorhagic fever (which has never been seen in Belize, as far as I know).

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