Day Trips in Djibouti city

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Djibouti City is the capital of the Republic of Djibouti and is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. For a get-away from the republic's capital, try venturing on one of these day trip options.

Ardoukoba Volcano

Located 100 kilometers from Djibouti City, the Ardoukoba Volcano is a spectacular sight of a natural phenomenon that occurred in 1978 for a week after the infamous 1.8m fissure  earthquake. This was the first volcanic eruption in the region in 3000 years and the craters still explicitly illustrate the magnitude of the disaster.

Lake Assal

Lake Assal is a fantastic day trip option for its dormant volcanoes, jet black lave fields and a rich aquatic floral and faunal life. The lake is a whopping 492 feet below sea level and is a breathtakingly beautiful and serene spot for a day picnic. Lake Assal is nestled on the Tarmac Road that is located a few kilometers to the west of Djibouti City. The thrilling drive offers visitors several interesting vistas including the Lac Goublet, a seawater loch that is popularly referred to as the ‘pit of demons’. There are other innumerable volcanic remains and a particularly striking volcanic pathway that bifurcates two lakes.

Lake Abbe

This is one of the most isolated places in the region and is a good option for a relaxed and peaceful day trip without too much frantic tourist activity. The natural landscape is thoroughly unique and is  interspersed with innumerable lofty limestone chimneys eructating  steam. This rare natural occurrence is the consequence of calcareous deposits over a long period of time. This desolate and unique destination played host to the filming of the flick ‘Planet of the Apes’. 


Tadjoura is a fascinating historical town that is touted to be the oldest in Djibouti. Its separates the gulf  of Afar and Issa lands and was initially a small hamlet that was the hub of the slave trafficking trade in the region. The lush green Goda Mountains overlook the village and the azure blue sea charmingly surrounds it. Tadjoura looks magnificent from the adjoining sea and its quaint structures are montages of an engaging erstwhile legacy. A few kilometers down the old town are several towering peaks and  undiscovered beaches with rich coral reefs that are ideal for deep sea diving and snorkeling.   

Djibouti City offers day trippers several options ranging from gorgeous locations that offer picturesque natural beauty and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon along with old historical hubs that accentuate the impact of an exotic holiday.

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