Ali sabieh Travel Guide

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Ali Sabieh at first glance is terribly nondescript in nature, however a discerning visitor should be able to unearth the latent charm of the region and feast on its wild spirit. Here are some of the characteristics, attractions and accommodation options of this little known albeit unconventionally beautiful Djibouti region.


Ali Sabieh is located in the southern region of Djibouti and is a barren mass of narrow alleys and blocks of slum-like structures along with a  breathtaking desert landscape and Africa’s famous rudimentary appeal. The region shares its border with Somalia on the eastern side and with Ethiopia on the Southern end. The Ali Sabieh city is the capital of Ali Sabieh region. There are innumerable street markets and food stalls in the town region along with a host of natural getaways. The region is extremely innate in nature and has no fancy leisure touristy spots. This is authentic, unadorned and rustic Africa, take it or leave it. The main revenue grosser of the region is rugged adventure tourism and the land is known for its coarse paths and tough walking trails. There are also several mining quarries of limestone and clay. 


Most tourist activity in Ali Sabieh is confined to adventure tourism and the land is a virtual haven for visitors enjoying a stark desert landscape. The best place to catch a glimpse of Ali Sabieh’s sprawling desert expanses is at the Petit Bara and Grand Bara. Both offer a spectacular view of the bare persona of the sand-duned region. Other super spots to roam around are the quaint markets of the town that are filled with colorful artifacts and a flurry of tourist activity. Visitors can pick up exquisite locals handicrafts at bargain prices. The local traders are extremely engaging conversationalists and will entertain tourists with local folklore. Sports lovers can have a feast at one of the numerous salt plains dotting the city. The regions are perfect for wind surfing and other thrilling adventure sports activities.


Hotel la Palmeraie is one of the most frequented accommodation options for its strategic location and comfortable amenities. The rates are moderate and the staff is warm and friendly. Another good option is Hotel Ali Sabieh, located at Clemenceau Avenue. The property has clean rooms and decent facilities. 

Ali Sabieh is a nice budget adventure tourism option that will challenge your zest for the rough and unknown.

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