Day Trips in Kinshasa

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Kinshasa is the notorious Congo progeny as famous for its slum alley gang wars as it for its rustic African lifestyle and multi-linguistic identity. Here are some of the best day trip options to make the most of your Congo vacation.

Zongo falls

This is a classic Congo adventure day trip. The thrilling trail through the lush and dense rainforest of the region culminates to offer a panoramic view of the Zongo Fallls. The sight of the cascading waterfalls that originate from the mountain and smack the rocks below to form stunning natural patterns is worth watching many times over. Visitors can enjoy delightful water revelry in the region along with an occasional rainbow spotting. A super montage of natural vistas.

Ma Vallee

In the midst of a charming equatorial forest lies the pristine Ma Vallee Lake, a serene spot for family picnics or relaxation in the lap of abundant natural beauty. The spot is sparsely populated and offers several opportunities for bird watching and spotting some stray wild animals from the adjoining jungles. Visitors can also catch brilliant natural sights of the hills and waterfalls circumscribing the surrounding areas.

Musee National de Kinshasa

For true-blue connoisseurs of eclectic art, the Musee National de Kinshasa is a great day trip option. The art treasure house exhibits several pieces of rare and thoroughbred Zairian art along with other memorabilia from Kinshasa’s artistic legacy. The place also houses several antique masterpieces, sculptures, ancient ritualistic tools and ceremonial objects that have shaped Kinshasa’s culturally illustrious identity. Another super destination to catch the essence of Kinshasa’s exotic spirit is the Kinshasa University, a place that preserves rich artifacts and historical journals from the region’s erstwhile era.

Congo River Cruise

The best way to explore the virgin charm of Kinshasa is to take a Congo River cruise. Hire a traditional wooden boat and take a trip to Kisangani.  The fascinating journey offers visitors ample opportunity to hobnob with local fishermen and tribes and catch some of the most spectacular sights of the Congo River belt. A must do for visitors wanting to sample the region’s tropical natural beauty.

Kinshasa is archetypically African in its physical countenance and is at a stage of intense reformation from its infamous criminal persona.

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