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accommodation in Kinshasa

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San Pedro Hotel Kinshasa

San Pedro Hotel Kinshasa

SP creatifs

Kinshasa hotels aren’t plentiful. The selection of accommodations is adequate but it is overpriced. Rolling power failures are not unusual Kinshasa so do not blame your hotel. The same goes for the internet service so when it is on seize the opportunity to take care of all your essential internet activities. Don’t expect to find the usual chains. Most people in Kinshasa are honest but theft is common because of a bad few. Keep important belongings in a safe or with you at all times.

One of the cheapest places to stay in Kinshasa is the La Crechee Hotel. Both budget travelers and backpackers alike will appreciate this off the beaten path lodging. The rooms here are very basic and the shower has bucket water. This hotel is not necessarily a place for someone traveling on business as amenities are at a minimum.

The Hotel Fontana Inn, which has recently been renamed the Ave Maria, in Kinshasa is under $100. This fact alone makes it an attractive option for travelers.  To envision the rooms picture a clean but older motel in Miami, humidity has not been kind. Surviving because of a lack of competition this hotel is walking distance from a supermarket.

The Hotel Memling in Kinshasa gets a lot of guests. There is a pool here so you can escape for an afternoon and relax. Service is excellent and the room is comfortable. Accommodations here are similar to an Econolodge but are three or four times the price. There are omelets cooked to order and fresh bread for breakfast.

Slightly more expensive than the Hotel Memling is the Hotel Venus. The big rooms are clean and large. The neighborhood of this hotel is popular with expats so life won’t feel so foreign for a minute. Bathrooms are large and the water is warm and plentiful. This hotel has a generator to offset blackouts. Breakfast is a buffet and there is fresh fruit and fresh bread.

The Grand Hotel Kinshasa is not for everyone. Room service and the pace of the hotel staff are known to be quite slow. Overpriced, this hotel is old and rooms are not necessarily spotless. There is a large swimming pool for kids to enjoy. You might want go out to dinner and skip the in-hotel restaurant. The staff here speaks French but communicating in English might be difficult. Be prepared to pass through the metal detector at reception.

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San Pedro Hotel Kinshasa

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San Pedro Hotel Kinshasa
San Pedro Hotel Kinshasa
photo by: SP creatifs

A private residence comfort. Located on the Avenue « 18 Parcelles « in the residential area of the « Palais des Marbres », San Pedro is a private residence, with a discreet charm and a simple comfort, which has been converted in a small hotel, ideal for travelers seeking more intimate atmosphere like at home.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:Via Kintambo Magasin towards the Palais des Mabres
address:Av. 18 Parcelles nr 16 Quartier Palais des Marbres