Congo Kinshasa Travel Guide

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Zaire has changed names back to Congo again. Officially its called the Democratic Republic of Congo, but since this name hardly distinguishes it from (French) Congo (which is also a republic and probably more democratic) we use the terms Congo Kinshasa and Congo Brazaville.

Congo Kinshasa is the the biggest country in black Africa. It was quite good for traveling if you like your travels on the rough side, but after the death of Mobutu it is so unclear who rules what part of the country that it is too dangerous for most tastes.

Kinshasa the capital is in the part ruled by the internationally recoginezd government. It is a big city and it used to be quite lively, with lots of bars and disco's.

The coolest thing to do used to be to take a trip up the Congo river to

Kisangani and to live with the Congolese for a few days, but nowadays it's not the kind of thing to recommend.

The east (now under control of Uganda and Burundi military forces) is really beautiful. If you are dying to see lake Kivu and its surroundings the best way to get here is probably from


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