Getting There in Point

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If you are considering visiting this interesting area of the Congo, it is important to understand what Pointe-Noire transportation modes are available to get here. Since Pointe-Noire is the second largest city of Congo and the center for commerce, it has attracted a large amount of people who need transportation to get here. Flying on an airplane is safe, while trying to get here by car is near impossible.

Airlines and Boats

Point-Noire is the home of the Agostinho Neto Airport. Air France is the only main international airline available, but it also has nine other local airlines. Even so, the airport can transport over ten million passengers every year. A lot of tourists take a major airline to Brazzaville's Maya Maya Airport, then change to a local airline into Pointe-Noire. It is also possible to catch a ride on a ferry to the city. Ferries sail from Brazzaville to Pointe-Noire every two hours.

Land Travel

If you want to get a sight-seeing tour of the Congo's landscape, you can also take a ride to the city. Mostly, you will have to take a fight to Brazzaville, then catch a bus ride on the Congo-Ocean Railway. It is approximately a three hundred and eighteen mile trip. The train is a diesel powered locomotive, which gives an old fashioned feel of travel. You can even rent a car in Brazzaville and drive west to Pointe-Noire, but remember there are only two main roads available that are somewhat decent to travel on.

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