Getting There in Mayotte

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The simplest way to reach Mayotte is via Reunion. A number of airlines fly to Réunion from Paris, Marseille or Toulouse, with 4 to 5 flights a day according to season. Flight time from Paris to Réunion is 10 hours (direct) or 12 hours with scheduled stops. The cost of a round trip Paris/Réunion/Paris varies with the season. Low season, you can pick up a Paris/Réunion/Paris for as little as 4000F in economy class (Air France, AOM, Corsair, Air Liberté etc.). The Réunion/Mayotte link (2 hours) is operated entirely by Air Austral, and you have a baggage limit of 20kg. Mayotte itself is served by three airline companies: Air Austral, Air Madagascar and Comores Aviation.

Air Austral offers a number of package deals:

- Individual Excursion tariff, for around 2800F (valid 30 days) with one obligatory Saturday/Sunday night on the island.

- Ylang-Ylang promotional tariff, for around 1800F (valid for certain specified flights only). There is also a youth (under 26) and seniors tariff (over 60) at 2700F and group rates by arrangement. At the time of writing there is a fuel surcharge of approximately 80F round trip.

Finally, Air Austral offers you its Indian Ocean Pass, obtainable when booking in France, with a 5 to 8 coupon booklet, each coupon being a single flight, valid for 3 months on all Air Austral flights, and at least two coupons must be used between Réunion and Mauritius. 5 flight coupons = 2950F / 6 flights = 3700F / 7 flights = 4400F / 8 flights = 4900F

These prices are not fixed and are given for information only. Check with your travel agent.

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