Sarh Travel Guide

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Sarh still has traces of a rich French colonial legacy. Here are some fantastic insights on the characteristics, attractions and accommodation options of this relatively untouched African destination.


Sarh is not 'touristy' city. The city is classically unconventional and visitors need plenty of patience to discover its charm and natural persona. The sparsely populated region is the capital of the Moyen-Chari region and lies at a distance of 50 kilometers to the south-eastern region of Ndjamena. The town was initially set-up as a center for the homecoming workers of the Congo-Ocean Railway labor camps. The region is economically important for Chad due to its cotton plantations and buzzing transport options. Sarh is also touted to have one of the best nightlife options in Chad.

Where To Go

Bahr Salamat Faunal Reserve is a fascinating game park that offers abundant opportunities for spotting the celebrated African wildlife. Come here for early morning game viewing tours in open air jeeps or take a guided hike through the reserve for unbeatable adventure. Visitors feeling slightly more courageous can also embark on a self-paced park discovery tour.

Central Artisanal is a charming local market for picking up traditional regional artifacts at super bargains. Select from a hundreds of colorful   artistic wares lining up the streets of the market. Visitors will find several quirky African ritualistic and ceremonial objects that make brilliant relics.

The Manda National Park is another interesting game reserve that is famous for its big cats and complex trails. The best way to explore this park is to discover its wilderness at your own pace. There are other game reserves that though not heavily frequented are good bets for some peaceful game viewing away from the hustle bustle of the more commercial parks that kill the tranquil game spotting spirit- Sinianka Minia Game Reserve and Zakouma National Park. Zakouma offers some beautiful sights of migratory birds that frequent the rain forest regions of Africa.

Where To Stay

Sarh is not a luxury traveler’s abode and will disappoint you if you are looking for a pseudo adventurous holiday that takes you on rough paths in the day and makes you sleep on a cushy bed at night. This is full-fledged wild Africa in all its rustic and rugged element. There are some cheap dormitories and lodges near the Bahr Salamat Reserve apart from very few downtown hotels and hostels.

Sarh is unpretentiously African in its appeal and has a prosperous natural heritage that offers multi-fold rewards to visitors who determinedly go on its discovery trail.

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