Ndjamena Travel Guide

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Fort Lamy, the old colonial name of N'djamena, was one of the most pleasant places in the Sahel. Unfortunately N'djamena has lost quite some of its interest due to civil unrest.

The best way to spend your time in N’Djamena is to go the the market areas. There are quite a few of them scattered all over town and there is a central market. The National Museum lost most of its artifacts, but is still nice to visit on a rainy day (it does not rain very often in these parts, though).

Chad now has oil big-style and money is flooding in. The major oil field is down south but all the oil companies have offices in Chad to be near the Government and the only International Airport.  Ndjamena now has both a Meridien and a Novotel Hotel.  Go to www.chadnow.com for more travel info.

DO NOT try to travel to the Tibesti Mountains, it is militarily sensitive although hostilities with Libya have ceased.  The Eastern Border with Sudan/Dharfur is not recommended because of all the refugee problems there.

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: chadnow.com

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