Day Trips in Bangui

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Bangui is an unpretentious African ghetto that acquaints you with the true wild charm of the continent without washing down the rugged adventurous spirit. Here are some of the best day trip options to make the most of this mystifying region.

The City Center

Take a day walk around the quaint city center of the town and witness spectacular vistas of the arch that opulently announces its commencement and the pristine river that flanks it. The magnificent arch structure was erected for Bokassa, the menacing dictator who was overthrown in 1979. Visitors can also make a trip to watch the breathtakingly beautiful Presidential Palace and a few kilometers to the north of the palace is a prime residential area that is a superb place to view a snapshot of the local culture and traditional homes.

Hilly Holiday

Visitors can take a day trip to the Northern end of Bangui, which is a region of splendid scenic beauty. The area is laden with lush green rolling hills and paths that are great for hiking, trekking or merely wandering aimlessly to discover the natural gems of the region. Visitors can also spot a few migratory birds here along with a rich vegetation and a few exotic breeds of wild flowers. The view of the city from the hills is simply stunning. A good option for a family day picnic.

Musee de Bonganda

For an informative and interesting day trip option, head straight to Musee de Boganda. A destination that chronicles several landmark events and precious artifacts from the region’s erstwhile era. The superb array of musical instruments exhibited here is worth viewing.

Marche Central

For an exhaustive practical sketch of Bangui’s local culture and lifestyle, there is no better place that the culturally soaked central market. This one the largest market in the town and its narrow streets are filled with hawkers selling fresh regional produce, hand-made crafts, colorful fabrics and other items. There are also some street-side eateries that serve delicious local snacks. The Marche Central is a grand odyssey of enticing aromas, striking visuals and tantalizing tastes.

Bangui is archetypically African in its wilderness and sports an innate untouched charm. Visitors will not find many places to see and things to do here apart from a few monuments and old quarters to sample the local flavor.

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