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accommodation in Bangui

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Bangui seems to be more of a day trip travel destination rather than a place to stay throughout the duration of your vacation. Even when comparing accomodations, the city lacks variety. There are only two commercial hotels in Bangui and neither is considered 4 stars.

Hotel Bangui

Hotel Bangui advertizes that it is the only modern hotel in the city, however, once past the lobby the modern ends. Rooms are small and haven't been upgraded in quite some time. The rooms are air conditioned but cleanliness is at a minimum.  At times the elevators don't work so you will have to walk up and down the stairs. Staff members of the hotel are very friendly and helpful. Street Vendors tend to gather outside the hotel and are very aggressive. It is advisable not to buy anything from them. If you want to purchase local art or handcrafts go to the local Artisan Market instead. The Hotel Bangui is on Boulevard de Gaulle near the center of town and the French Embassy on the banks of the Oubangui River. It has a swimming pool and each room has a television. Other amenities include phone service, meeting facilities, barber/beauty shop, copy service, laundry, gift shop, handicapped facilities, restaurant with live entertainment and bar. Pets are allowed in the hotel. Rooms cost anywhere from $100 to $190 per night.

Hotel Du Centre

The other hotel in town is Hotel Du Centre. Here again cleanliness is an issue. Air conditioners frequently do not work and are rather noisy. This hotel hasn't been renovated since the early 80's. You may have to share a bathroom with other guests. Amenities include air conditioning, Television and cable, telephone, parking, and restaurant. The staff is not as friendly and helpful here. This hotel is two stories and located downtown near the Oubangui River about 5 minutes from the business center at Au President Valerie Giscard D'Estaing.

There are few alternative to these two lodging options. It is advised to just visit unless you know someone you can stay with in Bangui or just tough it out in one of the substandard hotels.

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