Bangassou Travel Guide

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Bangassou gives a distinct impression of being a city with an imposing cultural person and an enviable ecological legacy. The Bangassou Travel Guide offers visitors comprehensive information on the characteristics, attractions and accommodation options of this bewitching African land.


Bangassou is located in the south eastern region of the Central African Republic and lies to the northern quarter of River Oubangi. The ecologically rich tourist destination can very well pass off as miniature Africa and displays all the indigenous physical gems  of the continent. Bangassou is cheered for its exotic wildlife and its bustling, colorful markets along with an array of charming rivers and a breathtaking desert landscape. There are also lush waterfalls and green expanses that dot the landscape of Bangassou. The region is famous for its tribal culture, wild jungles, rudimentary art, exotic butterfly species and a bevy of wild animals.

Where to go

Travelers who have had a taste of the wilderness and rustic beauty of a developing country will find the paths of this region familiar, however for others it can be an intimidating and strange experience. Navigating Bangassou’s rugged paths and coarse streets is not always pleasant, however its luscious natural beauty more than makes up for it.

Bangassou has an array of local markets where you can sample the region’s local culture and pick up stunning artifacts at modest prices.

Visitors can embark on a game viewing tour at the Bangassou Nature Reserve, a fascinating rainforest that houses several species of wild animals, birds and reptiles. There are daily game spotting tours, guided walks and hiking trails through the labyrinth paths of this rich ecological destination.

The spot near the outer town cliff is also a great place to spot birds and a few stray wildlife creatures. Get your binoculars and perch yourself on top of the hill for some fantastic rare migratory bird sightings. Another super spot for bird watching is the marshy land near Oubangi river. There is also a small safari park located in the vicinity of the river that houses a host of creatures from reedbucks and wild buffaloes to crocodiles and antelopes.

The old town section of the city doesn’t have many tourist attractions, however the quaint narrow streets are lined up with an array of ancient houses and medieval religious edifices along with other old historical buildings.

Where to stay     

Bangassou doesn't have any notable accommodations to boast of, however the center of the town does have some practical lodges, low budget hotels and economy hostels along with a few Bed and Breakfast options. The region of the town located closest to river Oubangi has good vacation rental villas.

Bangassou is a wonderful nature retreat that boasts of abundant cultural wonders as well.

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