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accommodation in Praia

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You will find that it is a rather easy task to find a Praia Hotel that can provide the type of resting place you need during your vacation. This lush area of the Cape Verde Islands is increasingly becoming a well known beach resort. Therefore you have a wide range of hotels to choose from. If you are looking for the best that money can buy, several Praia hotels will be suitable for you. On the other hand you may be on a strict budget. You will be amazed at the fine hotels that are available at low or mid-range costs.

High End Hotels

Pestana Tropico Hotel

This luxurious 4-star hotel has all the amenities that will make you comfortable during your stay here in Praia. It is located only minutes away from the international airport. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless Internet, a mini bar and a safe, if needed. The restaurant is elegant while the cuisine is of the highest quality. For leisure facilities there are laundry service, a rent a car service and 2 outdoor swimming pools made for adults and children. This hotel is all you expect for a 4-star quality facility.

Praiamar Oasis Atlantico Hotel

Located in the richest part of Praia, the austere 4-star hotel looks out toward the sea. Praiamar Hotel has 119 rooms, 3 suites and 1 presidential suite. It has a real nice panoramic restaurant. For leisure facilities it is equipped with a health club that has a sauna and jacuzzi. All of the rooms are outfitted with satellite TV, air-conditioned, with a mini bar and safe. Plus you have the option to use their Avis Rent a Car service.

Easy-on-the-Wallet Hotel
Hotel Sobrado

This is the classic place to stay if you are seeking a reasonable measure of comfort and a hotel that is not too costly. The outside of the building is attractive, and as you step inside, the inside looks nice and clean. The staff here conducts themselves in a very professional manner. The cuisine that is served is plentiful and fresh. The rooms are huge and airy and are also installed with a ceiling fan and a television. The building amenities include an outdoor pool, a walking garden and a television in the lobby. The hotel's location is conveniently near transportation services.  

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