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Accommodation in Sao tiago

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The largest island of the archipelago, Santiago, has an area of 991Sq.Km, and is the most populated one with almost half the Cape Verde population. In this island stands Cidade da Praia, capital of Cape Verde, and the biggest urban centre of the country. 75km from Cidade da Praia, in a Caribbean style, one will find a green valley with many coconut trees, the Tarrafal bay. The island interior is mountainous and with profound valleys, some with permanent water fountains, and has two main mountain chains: one of them has the highest point of the island at 1392 meters, the Pico d’Antonia, and the other one, the Malagueta mountain reaches 1064 meters. The coastline is, in general, abrupt, with black reefs, with small white sand beaches. The island vegetation is exuberant in the high areas and in certain valleys, and almost inexistent in the low and intermediate areas.

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Hotel in Praia

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Located in the privileged residential and noble area of Prainha, in Praia, overlooking the beach and the sea, Praiamar hotel is one of the references in Cape Verde. Be it for business or holidays , Oasis Praiamar is the ideal hotel for all wanting to stay in Cape Verde's capital , Praia.

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