Ponto Do Sol Travel Guide

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Ponta Do Sol

Ponta Do Sol

Ponta Do Sol is the most northern city. It can be reached by car and by plane. The plane leaves from Mindelo, San Vicente. Car can be from anywhere from the island.

The local inhabitants live from fishing, or work in other places. Every night everybody goes out to the main square in town, Praça. people meet there, and at the Esplanada you can buy drinks and food. The village has 2 or 3 snackbars, and 2 hairdressers (at the corner of the 1st street crossing Rua Direita, and one on Rua Direita itself). There's only 1 school in the village, highschool is often followed in a nearby town, Povoação.

The village is yet undiscovered by tourists, most people who go there is because they have family living there. But it's so beautiful there. If you stand at the end of the village you can still see the sea. You'll hear it all night long.

The place where most people go for swimming is called Prainha. It's some sort of lagune, and if you climb over some small rocks, you get to this bassin, almost completely shielded from the sea. It's very peaceful there, and the only entrance for the water is over some rocks. There's an annual party at Prainha, mostly in february.

Another place to swim is Praia de Lisboa (Beach of Lisbon). You can reach it by boat, or by foot. The latter way is the least recommended, because it's a long walk and you have to go over very small 'goat' roads.

Recent developments in the village are: a playground for children, an internetcafé and they're building a hotel.


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