San Felipe Travel Guide

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San Felipe, Mexico is located about 130 miles south of the eastern California border in Northern Baja California on the Sea of Cortez. Originally primarily a fishing village, San Felipe is quickly becoming a retirement destination for Americans and Canadians.  For years, it has been a vacation destination and is also known as the home of the Fish Taco.

From September through May, the weather is mild and from mid-June to the beginning of August can reach temperatures of up to 115 degrees (it is considered to be a desert).

The roads from the United States and Ensenada to San Felipe are usually in good shape (potholes are constantly appearing, but the Mexican road team is dilligent in filling them - it seems to be a never ending process).  There is also excellent bus service from Tiajuana, Ensenada, or Mexicali to/from San Felipe.

Getting to San Felipe and staying there is safe and there are many activities: fishing, golfing, gazing at giant Sahuaro cacti, relaxing on the water, ATVing, riding sandrails, and more.

There are plenty of hotels and even a couple resort style locations. Restaurants are abundant and most are reasonably priced.

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