Getting Around in Sal

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There are several Sal transportation options. Most travelers find that getting around while in Sal is fairly easy. Picking the right form of transportation for your needs is very important.


There are three ferry services to get you from island to island. You should note that the seas can be very rough. The travel times might take longer than most would like. The boats are usually carrying a large amount of cargo, making the wait times for getting on and off the boat very long at times. There are cafes on the boat that serve food and water.

Cars and Motorcycles

Renting cars and motorcycles while in Sal is a popular option. Most people opt for 4-wheel drive vehicles. The roads outside of the main roads are not in the best of condition and tend to be a little bumpy. Renting a 4-wheel drive vehicle should allow you to access almost any area. Most car rental agencies include tax and insurance in the daily rental fee. Make sure to ask the rental agency if insurance is included.


Bicycles are another popular choice in Sal. If bicycling is a method of transportation you are interested in, you should book in advance. There are very few companies that rent bikes, so booking in advance will help insure you are able to obtain a bike.


You won't find a large amount of taxis in Sal. There are few in the area, and before entering a taxi, you should inquire about the price.

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