Getting There in Brava

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The Brava ferry

The Brava ferry


Brava has an airport near Fajã d’Agua but it is closed. Entry to the island is therefore exclusively by ferry from Fogo. Schedules are erratic and passengers should enquire locally and be prepared to wait for transport a day or so. This is of course particularly important to note for travellers returning home; they should have a couple of spare days to be sure to reach their flight on Sal or at Praia.
The lucky traveller will catch the big ro-ro ferry which also connects with Praia.   The less lucky – or more adventorous – takes the small boat that can carry maximum 30 passengers. It was not built for taking people, and passengers have to hang on to whatever support they can find. The sea is usually rough between Fogo and Brava. The choice is then between staying on the open deck, which means becoming soaking wet, or moving inside, which means becoming sea-sick. The travel takes one hour.

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