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The Brava ferry

The Brava ferry


Brava is the westernmost of the Sotavento islands and the smallest (64 of the inhabited Cape Verdean islands. It is quite mountainous and the highest point is 976 m a.s.l. The main and only town is Vila Nova Sintra. Other main settlements are Nossa Senhora do Monte, Furna, Cachaço and Fajã d’Agua.
Brava is known as a green island. It is often cloudy due to wind shadow under Fogo, and the green vegetation therefore remains longer than on the neighbouring islands. Its rugged topography and idyllic villages make Brava a great island for walking.  Swimming in the sea is difficult and dangerous.
Eugénio Tavares (1867-1930), Cape Verde’s most famous poet and composer lived on Brava. He is the foremost representative of the Morna tradition, which has links to the Portuguese fado as well as to Argentinian tango and Brasilian and African music traditions. His portrait and one of his poems is on the 2000 escudo notes.


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