Day Trips in Yaounde

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Yaound is a stockpile of cultural elegance and quaint historical neighborhoods that unleash their slow charm on the unsuspecting tourist. Here are some superb ideas for exciting days out near this fascinating African city.

The Batchenga Tobacco Plantations

A nice day trip idea to experience the rich produces of the fertile Cameroon belt are the plantations owned by the Cameroon Tobacco Company(CTC). The CTC plantation is located in the northern region of the Sanaga River at Batchenga. There are also several beautiful palm and kernel plantations that grace the lower region of Sanaga and Nyong Valley that are a must see for their agricultural brilliance.

Limbe Botanic Garden

Limbe Botanic Gardens are located in the southwestern province a few kilometers after Mount Cameroon. There are myriad plantations like coffee, cocoa, rubber and banana and several medicinal herbs that adorn the garden land. The botanical gardens act as a rich educational resource for agriculture, botany, horticulture and forestry enthusiasts. The destination is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region due to its rich bio-diversity. A special tourist hub called ‘jungle village’ has been incorporated in the garden where innumerable cultural activities, events and educational sessions are held to give tourists a taste of the Cameroonian lifestyle.

Nachtigall Falls

The lush Nachtigall Falls are located a mere 55 kilometers to the north of Djibouti City in the Obala town and provide the backdrop of a superb natural landscape for a day trip. The abundant greenery and rain forest like ambiance replete with a rich floral and faunal life complete the expedition to this relatively desolate attraction that though strikingly beautiful is pleasantly untouched. There are several lofty peaks and vast lush lands on the Obala town route that make for a panoramic drive.  


Lembe is located at approximately 52 miles from the center of Yaound and is a fabulous reserve of exciting  game parks, forest vistas, mountain getaways and one of the best places to pick up exquisite pieces of African art and craft. The town is also a popular historical center that has traces of erstwhile tribal settlements and their exotic rituals. 

Yaound, though not as popular as other African hotspots, is a mystifying land that is waiting to be discovered and promises to offer abundant day trip variety to visitors who are willing to give it an opportunity.

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