History in Dschang

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Centre climatique de Dschang

Centre climatique de Dschang


Dschang is the Capital of the Division of Menoua. It was the first capital of today’s  Western province. Dschang was "dicovered" by a German named Zingraphe in 1895 during a military  expedition.

In 1909, the first german farm was created in Djutsita (BAFOU) where most European crops can be grown in the mountains.

During and after the first world war, between September 1915 and March 1916, Dschang was placed under both French and English administration. On March 04 mars 1917 dschang was officialy under British ruling. On August 20 1920, following the agrrement of Milmes Simon, Dschang was handed over to France. During the second world war, the great European-like weather of Dschang encouraged the French government to build a gorgeous vacation resort for its officers. The resort was renamed “Centre Climatique de Dschang” and is today par of a much larger touristic plan of Dschang.

On June, 21 1921, Dschang was offocially declared the capital of the region of West and will lose its position after independence on January 1st 1960. Bafoussam became the new capital of the western province and dschang became the capital of the division of Dschang. From that time on Dschang became a gost city, its beautiful buildings were abandoned since the regional administration was moved to Bafoussam, 45 km away. After the creation of the University in Dshang in 1993, the city is today been rediscovered and attracts new investment. Dschang is increasingly becoming the cultural capital of Western Province.


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