When to Go in Douala

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The answer to your Douala when to go question lies in this guide. Douala is Cameroon's largest city and is also a West African port. This place is diverse and offers different landscapes to the visitors. Beaches, volcanic mountains and green pastures dominate the scene in Douala. It is famous for its local markets and nightlife. Read on to figure out the right time to travel to Douala.

When to Go?

You will be welcomed by a tropical climate in Douala. The city, like the rest of Cameroon, is humid all year round and experiences occasional showers. Understand that the climate in Douala is extremely harsh. The heat is made unbearable by the humidity. Avoid going to Douala during May to October, as the region receives heavy rainfall. The streets get flooded and transportation comes to a standstill.

Tourist Season

The main tourist season in Douala starts in the month of November and goes on till March. During this period, you do not have to put up with the trials that come with the wet season. You can enjoy the coastline and the beaches in the area. Look forward to cool breeze and sun tans at the beach. The dry winds and rains make way for a more conducive weather in these months. Douala hosts the 17 mile race to the peak of the 10,000 foot mountain in January. This time of the year is perfect for sports enthusiasts to visit this city in Cameroon.

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