Travel Guide in Douala

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This Douala travel guide includes information about the climate and the attractions of the city. Douala is situated near the estuary formed by Wouri River, with Bonaberi Bridge joining the river banks. The name Cameroon is derived from a name given to the area by Portuguese explorers. The estimated population is 3 million people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Douala is equipped with all the necessary facilities to ensure that visitors have a comfortable stay. This vibrant city is a fascinating place to visit. Douala is the biggest city in Cameroon and it is a relatively rich city when compared with others in the surrounding region.


In 1472, Portuguese explorers discovered Douala when they were trying to set up a trade route with Africa. Trading posts were established along the banks of the Wouri River. Trading consisted of bartering in the local markets. It became an important area of trade between Portugal, Germany and England. After the Portuguese settled in the area, the Spanish arrived as well as people from the Congo and English missionaries. In 1884 the town was ruled by Germany and in 1919 it became part of French Cameroon. In modern day Douala, you will find many expats that are involved in the oil industry.


Douala is easily accessible by air via Douala International Airport, which receives flights from Africa, America and Europe. Douala is a good starting place for exploring Cameroon and it is an economic hub. There is a large port making Douala a center for trade and export, including goods such as oil and coffee. 


Douala has a tropical climate with high levels of humidity.The temperature is fairly constant throughout the year, with the average temperature being 26.8C. The annual rainfall is 4,000mm and the month with the least rainfall is December. August has the most rainfall, and the heavy rains during this month may hinder sightseeing.

Food and Drink

Akwa is the area you should head to if you want to enjoy the local nightlife. On the main roads of Douala you will find many restaurants and coffee houses serving delicious food. There are restaurants and cafes that have a French influence and produce delicious French pastries. The bars along the waterfront offer beautiful views and are a good place to go for a relaxing evening drink. The city of Duoala is expensive, so if you are traveling on a tight budget make sure you check your expenses beforehand.

Other attractions include Douala memorials and Doual'art. The Douala Water Park makes a fun activity for a day out.

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