Top 5 Must Do's in Douala

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One of the largest cities in Cameroon, Douala is a good starting point for exploring the rest of the country. Here are some Douala Must Do’s.

Head to the beach

Located just outside the town of Limbe, about an hour away from the city, the beach of Mile Six is a spectacular sight for any visitor. While Limbe itself is a beach town with fine sandy beaches and good waves, Mile Six is not anywhere close to that for leisure purposes. Instead, the beach here is famous for its rocky black sand. It is a good place to enjoy the natural sight of the beach, or even take a walk along the coast, but it may be dangerous to take a swim due to the rockiness. Fill a bottle with the sand and bring it home for a keepsake!

Go hiking

The city stands somewhat in the shadow of Mount Cameroon, which is located outside the city. This mountain is the highest mountain in West Africa, and is worth a visit for every tourist who comes past this town. Trekking and bird watching are popular activities, and there are agencies that provide guides to show tourists around or rent equipment for those who would like to go to higher ground. Those looking for something a little less strenuous can opt to stay overnight in a mountain resort at Mount Abu, where hotels and resorts can be found overlooking the city.

Have a taste of the nightlife

Always colorful and joyous, African nightlife is in a class of its own. Be sure to have a taste of this on a visit to Douala. Most clubs, pubs and restaurants can be found in the administrative district of Akwa. Although more expensive than many other parts of the city, and indeed, country, alcohol and dancing here is much cheaper than many other parts of the world. Be sure to keep out of the poorer districts, though, particularly in the night, as petty theft can be rampant.

Visit the Eko Market

The largest market in Cameroon finds its home in Douala, and this market promises to be crowded for every day of the week. It may be a good starting point for those who are visiting Africa for the first time to step into this market – people are everywhere, buying and selling everything from household necessities to jewelry and foodstuffs. The size of the place means that any visitor can obtain a good idea of what life in Africa is like, and meet some locals at the same time.

Try the local cuisine

The cuisine of Cameroon, given its colorful history, promises to be varied. Blending a mix of complexity and simplicity, the tastes and flavors here are diverse and interesting. French food is common in Douala, since it is a larger city and reflects more plainly the influence of the colonial past. Cameroonian food consists of starchy staples like sweet potatoes, yam and plantain, with lots of fish stews and vegetables. This can be found in restaurants in the Akwa region, so be sure to have a taste while in Douala.

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