Things to Do in Douala

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Douala is the largest city in Cameroon, a country located in Western Africa. The city is an ancient seaport that was founded by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Known as the Mixing Pot of Africa, Douala has become a choice destination for both business and leisure travelers. Here are some Douala things to do.


The Doual'art is a contemporary art museum in Douala. The museum began in 1991 and is famous for exhibits focusing on urban African life. Marilyn Douala Bell, the granddaughter of Rudolph Managa Bell, a former general, helped establish the charter. Doual'art also has a number of exhibits dedicated to social equity in Africa. Visitors come here to learn more about Africa's civil rights history. The Doual'art also works as a community center and art school. Locals and visitors can attend the center for art lessons. Local artists have their work exhibited in the museum.

Considered a cousin to the American Statue of Liberty, the statue de la Novelle Liberte was erected in 1996 by Joseph Sumegne. This statue is on permanent display in the Doual'art. It symbolizes the struggles that Africans faced in getting their freedom from the Europeans. While the statue originally faced controversy from locals, it has evolved and become a symbol of freedom for the city. The modern art of the statue makes it stand out from the more traditional artwork in the city. The Doual'art is known for contemporary art, and the la Nouvelle is perfectly set there. Visitors to the statue comment on the feelings of social activism that it inspires.  

The Pagoda

The Pagoda is the old Royal Palace of Cameroon. It was built by Rudolph Managa Bell, who helped fight against the Germans. The Pagoda was later used for the Assembly House when Cameroon became liberated. It was built in the style of a Chinese palace, making it unique to the country in architecture. There are only four other buildings in Africa that were created in the same style. Douala is known for being a mixing pot and for pushing conventions. The Pagoda is an example of the eccentric nature of the country. The Pagoda is a symbol on what the people of Douala and Cameroon can accomplish together.


Douala is also known for Limbe, a beach that is made of black sand from a 1999 volcanic eruption. The area is popular for the wildlife preserve that borders the beach. The Cameroon government has worked hard to balance ecology with the needs of the economy. Visitors are attracted to the wildlife living here. The beach also offers locally caught seafood on the beach boardwalk.

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