Shopping in Douala

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Douala, acknowledged as the commercial capital of the country, provides plentiful options for shopping enthusiasts. In other words, shopping is one of the prime activities that most of the tourists enjoy while their stay at Douala. With a number of shopping destinations to choose from in the form of shopping malls and markets, Douala shopping will enable you to take back home some interesting as well as rare articles, along with the sweet memories of the place.

Marche des Fleurs

Topping the list of shopping spots in Douala is Marche des Fleurs, which in turn is a not-to-miss destination for people with special aspiration for handcrafted items such as wood carvings and sculpture. But, the shopping here is not just confined to handcrafted wood items, and you can also find a spectrum of decorative and jewelry items such as stone jewelry, intricately designed cotton fabrics, beaded baskets, wall hangings, and table cloths. In addition, items such as antiques, bronze figurines, drums, and masks are also available here. Since the prices of the items sold here are exceptionally high, it is advisable to buy things at cheap rates.

Ahmadou Ahidjo Avenue

To shop some of the finest art and craft items, perhaps no other options in the city would be better than taking a tour to Ahmadou Ahidjo Avenue. With its rows of boutiques as well as stands, it is indeed a fun place for shopping.

Douala Central Market

Situated in the Place de Independence, Douala Central Market is also known as Lagos Market, and is the largest of its kind in Cameroon. It is a great place to shop for fresh produces such as fruits and vegetables.

Sawa Hotel Boutiques

Located in the Avenue de Verdun that is just ten-minutes away from the international airport in Douala, Sawa Hotel not only offers superb accommodation options in its more than 200 rooms and suites but also serves as an arcade for shopping for luxury items.

Artisianal Camerounais

Artisianal Camerounais is an open air-market, where you can find an interesting collection of art and craft items. It is located close to Akwa Palace Hotel. The town hall is also nearby.

Local Markets

Apart from these, Douala is also home to a number of local markets, each of which has a traditional African tang. From artifacts and traditional jewelry to fresh fruits and vegetables, almost all items can be shopped from here at low prices. 


When in search of 'white man cargo' in Douala, many head for the Marche des Fleurs. Here one may find all types of shining gift items from Cameroon and other countries: stone jewelry, detailed wood carvings, bright batik wall hangings and tablecloths, drums, masks, antiues, etc., etc., etc.

Take time to bargain well, as 'first price' here tends to be inflated.

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