Practical Information in Douala

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Staying safe on your visit to Douala

Douala Practical Information is mainly used to help you stay safe in the city. Although Douala has a bad reputation, as long as you know a few things, traveling through the city and nearby cities will be rather easy.

Road Blocks

Some cities in Africa have police and military officials who set up roadblocks after the sun has set, but in Douala you can find these roadblocks at night and during the day. The roadblocks are set up randomly throughout the city and are not as scary as you might think. Having your papers on hand makes the roadblocks easier to deal with because the roadblocks are mainly in place to check identification, which in terms of foreigners means checking for visas or passports. Therefore, while it is a good idea to always have your papers on you if you don’t you can still get through the roadblock, but you will need to have a few hundred or even thousand CFAs for a bribe. Following closely behind a big truck is a great way to avoid a roadblock because the big trucks are rarely stopped and by the time the guards see you it will be too late to stop you, but don’t count on this method.

Tourist Traps

The other thing that you need to be on the lookout for is tourist traps, which are literally all around you in Douala. The tourist traps are simply a way for the people of Douala to make money, which is hard to do because how much poverty is around.

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