Getting Around in Douala

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Taxi Services in Douala

Taxis are the only decent Douala transportation option for tourists staying at the city. There are two different types of taxi services in Douala. Here are some more details on both of them.


Regular taxis are undoubtedly the best choice for visitors to Douala who want to get around the city. You will easily distinguish them from the other cars by their yellow color. They offer several different types of services. They commonly work on shared basis. The trip will cost you less than $1, but the driver will surely stop somewhere along the way to take more passengers. However, you can ask for the "depot" service. With this option, you will pay about $5, but the taxi will be reserved only for you and your trip will be uninterrupted. Keep in mind that not all of the drivers are honest, and many of them try to overcharge tourists. Don’t hesitate to negotiate hard with them until they give you a normal price.


Moto-taxis are an alternative to the regular taxi cabs. They are much cheaper but not safe, so tourists should avoid them. There are several reasons. The moto-taxis are just regular motorbikes and are not suited for passengers. They are capable of accommodating no more than 1 passenger, but you will sometimes see up to 4 people riding on a single motorbike. Secondly, helmets are never available to the passengers, so there is a high risk for your health.

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