Festivals in Douala

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Douala festivals entice visitors from all over the place to come and have a fantastic experience celebrating the various festivals in the biggest city in Cameroon, Africa.


Ngondo is a festival held annually at the start of the dry season. To celebrate this festival, the coastal dwellers of Cameroon from Limbe to Kribi convene. On the first week of December, some ritual and feast take place to rejoice the unity of the coastal people and their ancestors to living in the water. The celebration of the Ngondo festival happens first at the River Wouri bank, then moves on to the other banks in Douala. There are lists of activities prepared to celebrate the program. These are comprised of the exhibition of their traditional dances, choral music, and handicraft. Aside from those displays, there is also a canoe parade and race. One of the most important events in this festival is the delivery of the message of the ancestors to the traditional heads in Douala.

African Music Market

African Music Market, also known as 'Le Kolatier' in Africa, is the gathering of the most excellent African and Indian Ocean musical groups. These musical groups come as one to perform during the African music market festival. This celebration happens in Douala every two years. Le Kolatier calls together all the music professionals from various countries in the music business to join in this celebration. Some other activities are also organized to make this occasion more enjoyable. Among such activities are a music trade fair, a seminar, a workshop, and networking.

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